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Working With Difficult Teens
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Managing rowdy teens 0 E. Grey At the last session we spent some time talking about how we deal with disruptive teens, either individually or in groups, in the library. Let's sound off on our tips, techniques, and troubles! What issues do you have with disruptive, loud, rule-breaking youth? How do you handle these issues? What procedures are in place at your library? Do you always follow the procedures? Is there paperwork on these procedures that you could share with us? Share a link or upload it to the TSSIG group, if you want to share. What tips do you have for de-escalating intense situations?
by E. Grey
Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Broadening the minds of your teens & students 0 E. Grey During the last session, and the previous one as well, we had discussions about working with teens in a conservative area and with some closed-minded ideals. In particular, Megan was having some issues with teens who were not open-minded about seeing gay teens in literature, and this was a big concern for her. Opening the minds of teens to be accepting of those who are different from them, teaching them to not be prejudiced or discriminate, and showing them the value of different worldviews is so important for anyone working with youth. How do you do help teens keep an open mind? What kinds of books, games, movies, or even news articles do you use to discuss these kinds of issues?  How do you handle discussions of sexuality, race, poverty, or other difficult topics with your teens or in your classroom or library? 
by E. Grey
Tuesday, January 6, 2015
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