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SWON News: SWON Visits

SWON Visits - Mary L. Cook Public Library

Thursday, January 17, 2013  
Posted by: Melanie
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Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Linda Swartzel, Director of the Mary L. Cook Public Library in Waynesville, Ohio.  Waynesville is a pretty town, full of buildings on the Historical Register, home of rich history, particularly of the Quakers in this part of the state.  One might think that nothing much goes on here but to the contrary, I found energy and innovation. The library is in excellent physical condition, but found from their latest round of surveys, that they did not have the space needed for currently facility use and projected use over the next few years.  Linda began saving and planning for an expansion, but prices kept climbing too.  When she was ready to start the work, she contacted the Warren County Career Center, who had built a gazebo for the library many years ago.  She asked if they would be willing to take on a project of this size and they agreed.  That's community work in action!

Linda still brings in professionals as needed, but the plans were simplified to allow for the greatest amount of the work to be done by the students.  One of the results that Linda has seen first hand is that the students are truly proud of their work.  Many of them have chosen to have their senior pictures taken in the partially finished construction.

Kudos to Linda and to  the Warren County Career Center!

Article on project

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