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NASA and Libraries

Thursday, September 25, 2014  
Posted by: Melanie Blau McDonald
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NASA recently launched an online catalog for reviewed activities, books, and other resources for programming (and developing school lessons) at I’ve been sending a couple of suggestions from this catalog to ALSC on a regular basis; two are featured in the August 2014 issue of ALSC Matters!, (and below). Would you like me to continue sending these brief suggestions to you? I anticipate a frequency of once/month or so.

STEAMing with NASA

From our friends at the Lunar Planetary Institute, try out these STEAMing with NASA programming ideas in your library!

Rover Races - Kids become rovers navigating on “Mars” (an obstacle course)

Children discover the challenges of driving a rover on Mars! Each team designs and executes a series of commands to guide a rover (made of people) through an obstacle course simulating the Martian surface.

Do the kids in your programs enjoy being “engineers?" Find even more NASA engineering activities for elementary-aged children on our website!

NASA Activity Sheet graphic Saturn's Fascinating Features - Kids create layered, 3-D books about Saturn

Did you know? One of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, was recently found to harbor a large underground ocean of liquid water. This fascinating moon has jets of water vapor, ice, and organic molecules gushing from its south pole. Scientists are interested in learning more about this moon’s ocean since it contains the basic chemical ingredients for life. Could there be microbial life living on this moon of Saturn? Learn more on the NASA website.

Scientists recently discovered, farther out in the solar system, a unique feature around the asteroid Chariklo: Saturn isn’t the only planet to have rings! Along with Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, this far smaller object has two rings. Learn more about asteroid Chariklo and its rings.

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