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SWON News: SWON Visits

SWON Visits – Xavier University, McDonald Library

Wednesday, March 4, 2015  
Posted by: Melanie Blau McDonald
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3D Printer in the McDonald Library

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ken Gibson, the relatively new Director of the McDonald Library at Xavier University. Ken brings a wealth of experience to his new position, something that stands him in good stead when curve balls are thrown his way. He’s always been a hands-on Director and enjoys working with people, both his internal and external stakeholders. He’s very interested in current academic initiatives such as maker spaces in libraries (he’s already picked a spot for theirs), digital humanities and supporting the research efforts of faculty with a digital repository. Ken is thrilled to be working with such an experienced and capable staff which allows him to work on campus collaborations more.

Xavier was the winner of our maker space grant last year and I visited the 3D printer they purchased with the funds (pictured). It’s in a public area in the library and Ken shared that more than 200 printings have been made since last fall, when it was installed. One of the more recent print jobs was a mockup of a set by a faculty member in the theatre department.

Ken finds it helpful to think about the history of knowledge and that it’s growing every day. One of his favorite bloggers, David Lee King described this dual role well.  As Ken paraphrased David, librarians must be both the gate keepers AND the gate openers!

What gates are you opening for your community?


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