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SWON Libraries Supervisor Training
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SWON Libraries Supervisor Training

No matter where you are with staff development, there are challenges and opportunities to be met.You may have new supervisors, people who have been promoted or people who have been hired from "outside." You may have long-term supervisors who would have benefited from more initial training or who need fresh energy.

Regardless of the challenge, SWON Libraries is your partner in staff training. Internal staff training has an important role to play. At the same time, training from an outside entity can help reinforce standards and problem-solving skills. We're near to you and responsive to your needs with a variety of training that suits your staff and your situations:

  • Topical Level-Up Labs
  • An Immersive, One-Day Workshop
  • Supervisor Pipeline Development
  • Assessment
  • Consulting

Supervisors' Training That Works for You

It's not easy getting staff up and running. Libraries are complicated organizations, providing a wide variety of services to an equally wide variety of customers. As soon as you've trained one group, someone leaves and you have to start over. Often it does not make financial sense to begin a new cohort of training sessions for just one person.

This is where SWON Libraries' Supervisor Training programs can help. We offer three different training options that you can use in a mix and match fashion to suit your specific situation: SWON's New Supervisor's Tool Kit, Level-Up Labs for Supervisors, and customized training in consultation with SWON. Not sure what to chose? Call us to discuss your specifics and we'll work out a plan with you!

New Supervisor's Tool Kit: One-Day Workshop

For new supervisors, or those in your supervisor pipeline.

Supervisors must balance a variety of competing priorities. Fortunately, the necessary skills of an effective supervisor can be learned. In this one-day program you will learn about the five key supervisory skills and have a chance to put them into practice during a game simulation. We'll also complete a self-evaluation relating to the five skills and you'll develop a plan of action by the end of the day that relates to the skills you'd like to most improve in the following 90 days.

Learning Outcomes from the New Supervisor's Tool Kit:

  1. Understand the role of the supervisor
  2. Identify five key supervisory skills
  3. Learn key steps in effective planning
  4. Learn how to delegate
  5. Learn ways to handle competing and/or shifting priorities
  6. Learn about effective goal setting
  7. Learn how to get results with your team

The Five Key Supervisory Skills

The ability to balance the goals of the organization with the needs of work group is the common thread that runs through 5 key supervisory skill dimensions. They include:

  • Guiding the Work: Taking the direction of the organization and translating it into actionable plans for the work group.
  • Organizing the Work: Assigning people, equipment, and tasks to meet work goals.
  • Developing Your Staff: Actively working to increase the skill level of each employee being supervised.
  • Managing Relations: Developing and maintaining good relationships with other groups so that the supervisor's employees and the organization meet their goals.

Level-Up Labs: Topics for Supervisors

We currently offer five Labs of interest to you and your supervisors:

  • Level-Up Lab: Personality Theory for Supervisors and Managers
  • Level-Up Lab: Team Works and Team Roles
  • Level-Up Lab: Leading in a Collaborative Environment
  • Level-Up Lab: Dealing with Conflict
  • Level-Up Lab: Introduction to Project Management

We offer Level-Up Labs all year long at SWON Libraries. Come to us or request a Lab for your location. We can include all libraries nearby or you may request a customized version to fit your specific requirements.

Supervisor Pipeline

A supervisor pipeline provides the ongoing training of staff that develops their skills, allowing for greater flexibility and responsiveness to organizational needs. It also supports grant writing, changing demographics and other external factors.

You don't have a supervisor pipeline? Find out how to get one started and how to develop other strategies for planning for the unexpected when it comes to personnel. Learn proven strategies that make your life easier and your organization a better place to work.

Contact SWON

Do you have questions to ask? Programs or dates you'd like to schedule? Contact us by e-mail or phone: 513-751-4422 ext. 10.

To see the Level-Up Labs currently on SWON's calendar, click here: These Labs are held at SWON's office in Blue Ash. Don't let this schedule limit you. If you would like training where you are, contact us and we can coordinate a solution.

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